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Ned Kellys Gold Coast Airport Car Rental service is located opposite the Gold Coast Airport. We offer car rentals, free pickup and return to the Gold Coast Airport and surrounding accommodation. Coolangatta based for over 16 years we offer the best car hire fleet at affordable prices in Gold Coast. At Ned Kelly's Car Rentals we take pride in our customer service, appreciated by the loyalty of our long standing customers. And unlike many car rental companies our prices already include GST, Airport Taxes and Insurance* No hidden extras on arrival! Choose from our Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan range, or find out more about Ute hire.

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Watching giant planes drift into land almost in your backyard is a privilege for only a few lucky southern Gold Coast residents.
Water frontage, beach frontage, golf course frontage are all common real estate claims but runway frontage is the rarest of them all.
The people of Adina Avenue only have to look west and every 10 minutes or so one of the big jets drop onto the tarmac of Gold Coast Airport, not far away from Ned Kelly’s Car Rentals. If the wind is from the south, they come in from the north settling on the runway stripes seemingly almost in arms reach. If the wind is northerly the Adina plane watchers see them braking under reverse thrust and turning on to the taxiway even closer to their homes.

One resident has been watching the arrivals and departures for 14 years and never tires of seeing them.
“After a while you barely notice them,” she said. “It must be the same for people living beside a railway who don’t notice the trains”
“Just occasionally when the wind is blowing the right way the engine noise can blot out something I am listening to on the news.”

Her young children have grown up with the sound and sight of the planes.
“It’s the visitors who sit up and take notice.”
“When other kids come round to play they are stunned. “
“They just want to sit and watch for the next one”, she said.

The high fence lining the Gold Coast Airport’s runway perimeter is often lined with people waving to departing friends as well as being a prime spot to photograph the jets.

Car rental delivery drivers and shuttle buses have been known to wait on the street, watching for the plane carrying their customers, before collecting them at the terminal.

Adina Avenue is the only runway frontage on Gold Coast, a unique spot in Queensland.


Thousands of people flying into the Gold Coast Airport everyday are treated to a moving postcard as the spectacular view of the as the coastal city unfolds in front of them.

From their airborne armchairs, they can see the blue Pacific, the white foaming breakers, the long lip of golden sand and the jagged line of the famous beachfront high rises.

Everyday more than 60 big jets cruise in to land at the Gold Coast’s Airport at Coolangatta, visitors and returning residents, squeezing faces to windows to see the stunning panorama.

The biggest of the huge cigar shaped jets glide along the coast from six in the morning, flying in from Japan and Kuala Lumpur.

The sun is on the water, glinting on the high rise windows, as they drift above the surf line. They drop slowly, sliding almost silently over the green of Burleigh Headland, lower still above Currumbin and then just above the rooftops and on to the tarmac at Tugun.

The holiday makers grab their rental cars and head for the many attractions that await them.- those very beaches they have just seen, their luxury apartment in one of the towers, the theme parks and restaurants and shops.

When the holiday is over and they fly out of the Gold Coast Airport, the plane’s track may take them away from the famous high rise view, instead going south, over the Tweed river and the winding waters of the Terranora up above the sweeping beaches of Northern New South Wales and on to Sydney or Melbourne.

Either view, north over the beaches and modern city or south over the natural waterways and valleys, it is a tremendous sight from the Gold Coast Airport, and can been seen from our car hire and rentals office across the road from the Airport.

Daylight Saving

Coolangatta people are about to endure the annual chaos caused by daylight saving. Next Sunday morning October 3 at 2 am New South Wales will move their clocks forward one hour. Coolangatta and Tweed Heads are virtually one town divided only by the state boundary, am imaginary line running between houses, shops and streets. But they will be divided in time for the next six months, a division which causes people to miss planes, restaurant bookings, hire car bookings, movie starting times, hair dressing appointments and many other events in day to day life.

Local people have been coping with the problem for decades. Those who work in Coolangatta and live in Tweed Heads get used to juggling the confusion, they leave home at 9 am and after a five minute drive get to work at 8 am. At the end of the day they leave work at 5 pm, drive five minutes and get home at 6 pm. But their children who spent all day at a Tweed Heads school, have been home for three hours and are ready for dinner. Confused?

And if it is bad for the locals it is almost beyond some for the thousands of tourists arriving in Coolangatta resorts over the summer months. They leave Coolangatta’s beautiful beaches as the sun cools around 4pm, walk a few minutes up the road and find Tweed Heads shops have shut for the day because it is now well past 5 pm. Said one restaurant manager, “ You have 100 people booked for 7 pm and you don’t know whether they will come at 7 or 8, and then another 100 booked for 8 pm who might come at 8 or 9. It can be a nightmare”

The two state boundary runs across the southern end of the Gold Coast airport runway. The actual airport buildings are on the Queensland side of the border so the airport runs on Queensland time. People leaving Sydney at 10 am for the 1 hour flight to the Gold Coast arrive at 10 am. The collect their bags, get a 10 minute taxi ride or grab a hire car to Tweed Heads and find people lining up for lunch in the big clubs because it is almost noon. When their holiday is over they will be quite confused about what time the plane is leaving, some arriving an hour early and for some they arrive to see the plane taking off without them.

We can all look forwards to the return of sanity on April 3 next year.